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We're beyond stoked you're wanting to inspire others through what you wear!

Vegan AF Clothing was born on the west coast of Canada by the founder + designer, Pooja Anand. Pooja is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, the creator and host of The Happiness Approach Podcast show, a life & business coach, speaker and unwavering optimist. She’s been an animal lover since birth (as she believes, we all innately are). Since she was a little around the age of 5, she decided to become a vegetarian, the first in her family. She lead a vegetarian diet most of all her life, but a few years back, educated herself upon the difference between veganism & vegetarianism. The rest was history.

Through education and empowerment, she influenced many around her to become curious about the plant-based lifestyle with what it brings (and leaves behind). She believes leading a plant-based lifestyle will eventually and inevitably become the norm (or, the only option to sustain the beloved planet & all life on it that we all share). She respects all forms of animal rights activism and believes they all play an important role in changing the World, bit by bit.

For her, it’s simple: better for the animals, better for the Earth, better for us. Whether your reason be health, environment/sustainability, or the ethical aspect relating to the animals, it’s the way of the future. Maybe you stumbled upon this page and you’re not vegan. That’s okay too. This website is not to make you feel wrong or bad, it’s simply to start up conversations, spark interest and hopefully, eventually shine light on a plant-based lifestyle via the resources page or through the clothing itself.

Looking back at history, we feel ashamed for the things humankind has done, she hopes that 50 years from now, 100 years from now, or however long it takes, animal cruelty, the consumption of meat and animal products and mindless consumerism is also, added to that list. She hopes, one day, the future generations can look back and say to themselves “wow, remember when fill in the blank with all the permutation combinations that fit in here?.” “Yea, so absurd! Can you even imagine? Glad that’s not how we live today.”

Fast forwarding to today, since adoring fashion her entire life, Pooja decided it was time to build her street-style-esque fashion line from the ground up. It's her way in doing her part in the vegan revolution: by empowering, educating & sparking up conversations via the beauty of what we wear clothing! She intentionally designs and carefully curates each and every piece of clothing with a whole lotta' love. She loves to design pieces with lighthearted messages that are still impactful, yet sassy. It's in her highest hopes to evoke curiosity amongst those looking while providing comfortable effortless go-to pieces anyone can 'repp anytime, anywhere.

Vegan AF Clothing is 100% sweatshop free and ethically made. We also pride ourselves in using eco-friendly, eco-conscious, sustainable materials and processes from beginning to end.
We're here to serve the vegan community and hopefully bring out the love & adoration for animals, the planet we all share and for people themselves in terms of health and longevity that already is deep inside, but just...that’s been lost or covered up by mass amounts of marketing, wrong information and literally, brainwash. We are all born compassionate animal lovers, we all have a right to educate ourselves as consumers and we all deserve to live in a more conscious and beautiful way. 

We can’t wait to see how you empower - wear - educate those around you.

Remember to tag us in your photos 'repping Vegan AF Clothing, who knows...we may feature you in our product images ;) use our hashtag #veganafclothing too, so we can find you!

With all our love,
Founder & Bossbabe of Vegan AF Clothing

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