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  • effortless street-style on a mission

    unisex clothing that's comfy, fashionable, versatile & meaningful

  • start your own ripple effect today

    aspire to inspire positive change

  • designed for people who give af

    100% sweatshop free, ethically made, eco-friendly & sustainable

  • clothing with a purpose

    spreading the message of veganism & plant-based living

  • A Canadian based company

    with hopes to evoke curiosity & conversation through their clothing

the why behind the brand

We are a company based upon compassion, plant-based living and veganism with the mission to spark up conversations + curiosity about the lifestyle. Our reasons are simple: better for the animals, better for the Earth, better for us. This is our way of doing our little part in spreading the message of why veganism is taking the World by storm. It's about empowering, educating and inspiring those around us in loving ways with a splash of humour. We aren't here to make others feel wrong or less, we're here to take what's in our hearts and place them upon what we wear. This is our way of being part of the change alongside the vegan movement Worldwide. #veganafclothing

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